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Hi all, cool you are snooping around on this website!

The name is of the website was created with two of my dear friends, Lindsay & Cynara. Also two dream chasers, hence the name of the website.

My name is Ramon and I also listen to the names Piet & Nawien. I love life and my ultimate goal is to own a house in the mountains. A place where i can kick back and edit some nice photo’s and videos.
I’m born in 1976 and a proud father of 2 kids. Living in the Hague, in The Netherlands, I don’t have anything to complain; that gives me time and energy to chase my dreams.

My passion for photography was activated when i was a kid and my father was a car mechanic who also loved taking pictures. In combination with a loving and caring mother i could explore my interest freely at a young age. Recently videography & webdesign are added to my skills. It takes time and effort to learn new things, but progress equals happines(Tony Robbins).

People usually describe me as a relaxed and quiet person and i guess that’s true. I come alive when things get chaotic and preferably when camera’s and cars are around. Forget quiet in those conditions!

Anyway, i guess this page will also change a bit in time, but you get the picture, right?